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Chapter 1: The Wait Was Over
The next phase of my life – Hawaii – The Land of Enchantment

Chapter 2: Through The Eyes of A Mother
Facing my Worst Fears: My Quest for Understanding

Chapter 3: Adulthood In One Leap
My Search for Answers: How to Reunite Family

Chapter 4: Remembering Childhood
My Childhood Revisited: Unhealed Memories 

Chapter 5: Painful Lessons
Enduring the Pain of a Family Divided: The Dark Years 

Chapter 6: Divine Intervention
Finally Answers! Opening to Channel and Introduction to “Magnificence"

Chapter 7: Healing Knows No Boundaries
The Lessons Continue – Discovery of Healing Power and Unseen Influences

Chapter 8: The Ultimate Test of Faith
The Introduction of My Role as Healer: Facing the Truth about My Marriage

Chapter 9: Miracles Do Happen
Miracle Healing found in Faith and Trust: Magnificence, the Master

Chapter 10: Preparation For The Inevitable
Letting go of Judgment: Ending a Marriage in Unconditional Love

Chapter 11: Full of Potential
Against All Odds: Preparing for the Next Phase of My Work

Chapter 12: Message Complete
Relationships: The Gifts and the Demons - The Opportunity to Walk My Talk

Chapter 13: The Journey
Preparation and Arrival: Hawaii and the Rain Forest - The Lessons Continue

Chapter 14: Claiming My Desire
My Healing Work Begins in Earnest: Enter Soul Mate

Chapter 15: The Ultimate Realization
Message Received in Gratitude and Appreciation: Love Waits on Acceptance

Buy the book (click link)  "Love Waits On Acceptance"