Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changes and Shifts, Now and Beyond 2013

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Dear Ones,

It has been some time since we have chosen to get a message to you through this channel. Not because it has been unavailable to us, but because we were most definitely occupied with the importance of keeping this planet on its new direction and maintaining life on it. 

You are in the throes of drastic change, and though the debate continues as to whether or not you have been saved from extinction, we are here to assure you that life on this planet will continue for some time to come. However, you will experience changes, and shifts in the planet as shown within weather patterns, changes in the sun and atmospheric alterations. The upheavals in your personal lives and the lives of those on every continent are altering your understanding of the future. 

This will continue as you experience changes in your brain functions, emotions, and physical bodies. Many of you have decided to return Home and assist these changes from afar. Those of you who have assisted the planet as Masters from other realms over the past few decades have grown very weary, and will be leaving the planet over a designated period of time to come, handing over the energy reins to the upcoming new generation of spirit/humans. 

Within the next ten to fifteen years the current organizational structures of the governments of the world will be replaced by new governments that are more in alignment with our Source’s grand plan. You have shown us much courage, resourcefulness and determination to survive. Your heart’s unconditional love has been empowered and broadcast far and wide in order to keep the planet and its inhabitants safe from extinction. We salute you for your valor. You have proven yourselves as powerful Co-Creators. 

There is so much to do, and life will continue to change at a rapid pace.  You will find that what was once of prime importance to you will no longer hold a charge with you.  Old friends will fall away to be replaced by new ones. Those who have always stayed in one place with begin to migrate to other areas.  Those who have had a tendency to migrate easily will settle in one place. You will notice this trend in the animals of the planet as well, including the sea creatures.  Old habitats will die to be replaced by new ones.  

Remember sending love out to the planet and each other is the glue that binds you together. Explore what is real, discard what is not.  Remain true to yourselves, and live your lives to the fullest.  We are with you and will continue to show the way. ☼   

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/2011 Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through channel Patricia Beirne. Subscribe to receive messages free by Email

Dear Ones,

We come to you from many worlds and galaxies not just from your spiritual hierarchy, but many hierarchies all part of the One. Our numbers are vast, and our abilities are all needed to assist mankind in preparation for this time of completion, and the ascension of your world that awaits you. Your egos struggle to maintain the illusion of individuality; nonetheless you are continuing to shed the layers of falsehood that speak of separateness. Soon you will realize you no longer need the illusory games you have played for so long. What you have known all your lives as reality is nothing more than games created for your learning, executed by your egos to bring you full circle back into Oneness!

There is nothing in your world that you would choose to hold on to, if you could only see what awaits you once the veil of forgetfulness has been lifted. Death is the ultimate illusion, and the biggest falsehood you have been taught to believe. Illness and disease have actually been created by man to hold you captive and make you fearful of your own bodies. This is another fallacy to try and convince you of your mortality, and could not be farther from the truth. The body is the temple for the Soul; it houses your Spirit, and is a communication device, nothing more. Be respectful of it, honor it, and when you listen you will hear what it needs; it is changing, your thoughts and beliefs are changing, your emotions are strongly being affected, do not be afraid to let go, you will lose nothing, but you have everything to gain!

Your planet, as it continues to change its course will bring you to the ultimate conclusion, meant to bring all of mankind safely home. In this process there will continue to be many opportunities for growth. Some will seem pleasant and bring you happiness and joy. Others will strike terror in the hearts of those who are in fear of losing themselves forever. Let go of the “fear”; as God’s Sons, you are a part of the Creator and can never be lost!

Remember dear ones, you are all One family. Treat each other with respect and love, and you will realize a bond that has always existed. This will see you through the trying times. We have said before, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Turn inward to that quiet loving voice that wants to guide you and has always loved you. You are protected by the Creator, Whomever/Whatever you believe Him/Her/It to be, it matters not. When the fear is gone, truth and clarity will guide you and keep you safe.

We have repeated this message many times in so many ways, and now the energy of these words is resonating through your being. Embrace them. Allow yourselves to feel the vibration of these changes. They are taking place within each and every one of you, and will continue to lift you to new levels of awareness. In keeping with the sacred codes of the universe, all will be gloriously revealed soon. Our continued loyalty and support are with you. You are blessed by All that is Holy.

Transformational Dynamics

Monday, July 11, 2011

7/2011 Stress Solution: Joy, Laughter, Fun, Love

Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through channel Patricia Beirne. Subscribe to receive messages free by Email

Dear Ones,

“Weather the storms.” That is what you’re being asked to do right now. Bend like the willow in the wind. Expect the unexpected without fear. As the days continue to fly by, and weeks turn into months you wonder where the time is going? Everything seems to be moving so fast.

Though the Earth is slowing down in her movements and repositioning herself, time seems to be speeding up. Most of you feel you never have enough “time” to do the things you want or feel the need to do.

Many feel like you’re running out of energy. Fatigue is plaguing you, and your physical bodies are showing increased signs of stress. There is a lack of patience at many levels; irritability and agitation make you feel at odds with those you love most. Remember, judgment defeats, criticism destroys. Love and understanding will comfort and see you through these trying times.

Dear ones, we suggest you take time to breathe; slow down and enjoy what you have around you. It is in the quiet times that truth dawns upon you. You will sense an inner calm that cannot be found by scurrying from one event or project to another. Commune with Nature; the Deva energies, and Nature Spirits are also aware of the transformation that Mother Earth and you are going through – they too are a part of it, and desire to assist mankind and the planet in whatever way is helpful. Animals sense the smallest shifts and are anticipating what is to come. Your pets help by taking on human symptoms and process them for you. Watch them carefully – their unusual behaviors will bring you insight.

Your Central Sun is undergoing her own major transition right now, and you are strongly being affected by the Solar Flares, and the eruptions taking place. Every cell in your bodies is mutating in response to the voracity of these solar eruptions. All of this is in correlation to what is happening at all levels of existence, in preparation for the Great Shift that is imminent. Your solar system is very active right now; your scientists are aware of what is taking place, but are keeping the release of information to a minimum in order not to alarm you.

Find ways to lessen stress in your daily lives. This will assist you and the planet greatly. Spend more time with your children; they can help you to remember what it feels like to play. Joy and laughter sheds layers of heaviness, much of which is no longer needed.

Live for today, dear ones, and you will enjoy everything you do much more. The more you lighten the energy around you, the more positive experiences you draw into your lives. Again we remind you - there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. The heavens are open wide in love and support of your ascension.

We rejoice with you in unity and Oneness! Blessings to you from our point of Light. ☼

Transformational Dynamics

Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/2011 The Great Shift is a Reality, not myth.

Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through channel Patricia Beirne. Subscribe to receive messages free by Email

Dear Ones,

In the light of what is taking place with the planet Earth and in your lives at this moment, it is apparent that unprecedented changes are becoming commonplace. From the unsettling weather conditions that are affecting your home, and causing permanent environmental changes, to new wide spread outbreaks of illness and disease from unknown causes affecting your bodies, you are now being awakened to the fact that the much talked about Great Shift is a reality, not just a myth.

Many questions are being asked, “Exactly when will this take place?” “What is going to happen to the Mother Earth?” “Will we all die, or will we be saved and live life in a state of harmony and bliss with pain and death no longer a part of our experience?"

Each one of you is an important piece of this puzzle. What you want to know are merely unimportant details with no meaning - conjured up by the mind that is in fear of losing something that cannot be lost. You are eternal, and what you think you are in danger of losing never really existed.

Once the veil of forgetfulness has been fully lifted, you will all rejoice in the remembrance of a far greater reality; a state of beauty, grace and unconditional love that far exceeds anything to be experienced in this third dimensional holographic world. Death will not be an issue, for you cannot die. War, illness and pain do not exist. This is merely an illusion that appears very real to you, designed for your experience and growth.

It is now time to end the drama, the game is about to be over!

In the near future, visitors from other realms of existence will travel openly among you to assist with the many adjustments necessary to transcend this space-time continuum. Your children are already open and adjusting to the fact that life on other planets is a reality. They have been encoded to awaken to remember their beginnings, and many, when asked will tell you stories that you believe to be fairy tales or fantasies conjured up by a child’s mind. Listen to what they have to say, for they are far wiser than you think.

New waves of information will come to you in dream state, tell your mind to remember these dreams upon awakening. Lucid dreaming is an excellent way to deal with your fears. We will continue to bring messages in many forms. Stay open. Do not discount the smallest synchronicity.

Remember, when love is in your heart, fear has no place to hide. Blessings from the Creator Force. ☼

Transformational Dynamics
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/2011 What Is Becoming of this World?

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Dear Ones,

In truth, “What is Becoming of this World” is the same thing that you are becoming……LIGHT!

For some time now we have talked about cellular and molecular changes taking place within your human form. These changes are taking place within every part, dimension, and aspect of the universe. You are becoming LIGHTBODY. You and the planet are preparing for the Ascension process. You have all heard of the Ascension process, associating it with Saints, and Masters; deserving Holy Ones having lead a saintly life or sacrificed relentlessly.

In this illusion known to you as the third dimension, you have all bravely agreed to forget the truth of who you are, and courageously plummet from your lofty perch into the drowsier energy of duality. Mankind and Mother Earth are reaching the end of a vast and long journey. It is time to go Home.

You display signs saying “Not of This World.” Little do you know how true those words are. Every one of you is a traveler from another world, galaxy, and possibly another universe who has chosen to experience Earth as a unique schoolroom, with a curriculum equal to no other. Each time you have chosen to return to the karmic wheel of life and experience another go-round, it has been for your en-lighten-ment!

That enlightenment has served you in the illusion of individuality, as part of mankind, and more accurately as Creator Sons of the Father. As the Son of God, you have created everything you have experienced in this dimension as well as many others bringing back with you wisdom and knowledge that expands the Whole. You are all One and the Same. Individuated for the vast learning potential this experience has afforded you, and now it is time to re-unite you in Oneness with the Truth of who you are!

There is no enemy, and no right or wrong outside this world of duality. All of this is coming to an end. It no longer serves you to continue these roles you have played. The Shift is taking place more quickly now, and soon you will rejoice, knowing what awaits you is the ultimate state of Grace finally realized.

We will remain with you, and for you. You have all the assistance you need to complete this journey. Be at Peace.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/2011 Transformation - Positive Change

Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through channel Patricia Beirne. Subscribe to receive messages free by Email http://www.omegapoint-now.blogspot.com

Dear Ones,

We come to wish you peace and to anchor Love from the Creator into your hearts. Your world is in turmoil. This is not news to you. With information reaching you from every channel conceivable, you are being bombarded constantly by various medias trying to out-do each other for attention. There isn’t any part of your planet that is not being put to the test. This is true. But rather than see this through fearful eyes, fill your hearts with the knowing that transformation is change that must take place in order for you, and Mother Earth to complete the major Shift that awaits you.

Mother Earth is making her statement. The constantly changing weather patterns are only a small sign of things to come. In reaching out to each other in compassion and love, you are helping to unite the world, and calm the fears that send messages of hopelessness, death and doom.

We are calling you to unite, dear ones! Listen with your hearts open. You will hear an entirely different message from those currently being broadcasted. To those of you being physically challenged, do not label illness, or join the huge morphic fields associated with existing labels. Remember your physical form is the temple for your Soul, and is undergoing major change as well.

Notice what you notice. Ask for assistance when needed, but do not fear. The body has its own innate wisdom. If you trust – It will take care of you. It longs to take you to the next level of transformation if you will allow it to do so.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It comes in many forms, and at times when least expected. Yet, it will come. We are always with you. Soon you will recognize our presence. You will not be asked to do this alone.

Transformational Dynamics

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mother Earth Shifting Into Her Final Transition

Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through channel Patricia Beirne. Subscribe to receive messages free by Email http://www.omegapoint-now.blogspot.com

Dear Ones,

What would you do if you knew that everything you have been told from your beginnings on this planet, from your loved ones, friends, teachers, community, government, etc., was a falsehood perpetuated in order for you to play a vast “human” game which has no “real” foundation?

None of what you see around you is real. You are viewing holographic images of yourselves as mortals living in a form that was designed to keep you from the awareness of your limitless capabilities and your true Essence.

Now is the time for all of that to change.

The planet is in her final transition into a new direction heralded by All That Is, in correlation with your Destiny. This destiny is one of complete relinquishment of your old selves as you have known them, and the completion of the duality game you’ve played for so long.

This time is one of rejoicing in the remembering of the Greatest Truth of all. You are not of this world, each of you chose to descend into the veil of forgetfulness in order to bring Home all the information light you can muster, and to learn and grow in that light. This love and awareness expands Wisdom and Knowledge. All of you are One with God, The All That Is and ever will be.

You are in the throws of graduation from this “school room.” This course curriculum is being completed. For the next period of time, as you know time, you will come to many realizations about yourselves and those around you.

You will re-run many old patterns still needing to be healed. Face them, dear ones, and let go of old scripts, in doing so you will lighten your vibration and commence the ascension process intended.

We come to you in love and light, and will continue to assist you in this transition.

Transformational Dynamics
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