Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Be Neutral To Everything

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We are here dear ones, to assist in bringing another year to a close, and usher in very eventful new one. Do not place your beliefs in appearances, they are not as they seem. Old experiences are being re-visited with a myriad of emotions, from frustrations, anger, hate, impatience, and depression, to mention only a few.

Clear your mind by envisioning a ‘Bright Light’ above your head, and bring it into your heart. This is the Truth of you – your True Self unpolluted by the thought-forms that encircle this earth, and hold you hostage. You will be given many opportunities in the New Year to release old patterns, and integrate all the parallel realities you inhabit, but are unable to see. This is not a fantasy; it is more real than anything you have been ‘taught’ to believe.

More and more of you are turning to spiritual teachers, the clergy, or therapists to ‘heal’ you. Dear ones, the healer lies within you. Withhold your judgments by remaining neutral to the truths of others; be tolerant for what you do not understand.

Neutrality is the key. Think in terms of being neutral to everything, and everything being neutral to you. This is where you create a congruent and harmonious world. In this energy, the universe rushes in to fill your every need and desire, for you are in harmony with The All That Is!

Religious wars are being waged, cultural disputes bring unrest, and destroy home and country all in the name of ‘truth’ – but who’s truth! This earth was created as a schoolroom for all to grow and learn. You come here from many realms of reality. It is time to learn from your differences, and love each other for the bravery you’ve shown in charting unknown paths together for a common goal – to return home in Oneness.

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