Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live Totally In The Moment

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Dear Ones, It is time to put questions aside, and live totally in this moment. Base your actions on your inspirations as they come to you, and trust in that part of you that knows how to respond to the vibrations and energies involved.

Where there is no fear, the answers to all questions, and solutions to all situations will be clear and effortless.

In the days to come, you will be challenged to stay true to all that you know, and believe that all things happen for your ultimate good. If you truly believe that there are no accidents, you will then recognize the gift each moment brings as an unveiling of falsehoods you have accepted as real. In this realization any perceived injustices and violations of the heart will be healed.

Many of you still do not understand the Shift taking place with Mother Earth is also taking place "within you." The weather patterns that seem unpredictable are in direct correlation to your emotional energies, and together you are moving through unprecedented changes that will continue with increased intensity.

Mastering your emotions, and understanding your connection to each other and the role you play in bringing duality to a close, will be the conduit to bring mankind and this planet Home. This will happen, dear ones.

This year will be seem daunting to many of you, others of you will recognize these challenges as an opportunity to fine-tune your skills, clear obstacles before you, and empower you to recognize the truly amazing, courageous beings that you are.

It is time to pray, meditate, and find the quiet place in your heart where you know all is well. We continue to assist you as we work with the planet in reaching her ultimate destination. Don’t fear the “end” of the world, embrace a new Beginning.

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