Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Truth, Faith, and the Shift

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What are you looking for in your life? A little bit of sanity in a seemingly insane world? Perhaps the full picture hasn't been laid out for you.

In truth, you’ve been denied the "full picture" for many reasons. Your scientific community," and your country’s leaders - those in the position of being "authorities" regarding what's taking place with Mother Earth, hesitate to inform you about major Shifts out of fear that you can’t handle the truth. Unable to logically explain the unprecedented events, or predict the "end result," they, themselves, are fearful.

You've heard often - you're all connected, to the Earth, and to each other. Not only do your thoughts and beliefs draw to you others of like mind, but what’s taking place with the earth affects you and reflects back to you what you're feeling.

The Earth is currently experiencing a Great Shift. The human species is linked "by design" to the electromagnetic fields of Earth, and your bodies are following suit through a process of cellular change. This can’t be denied, even great scientific minds are in agreement. As the magnetic fields of the earth decrease, planetary frequencies are increasing. At this prophesied point in time; you're experiencing change like never before.

To those of you on Earth, this may appear as natural disasters, and cataclysmic changes. These magnetic and frequency changes also affect your lives by decreasing the time between your thoughts and the manifestation of your thoughts. It brings forward old issues, and lessons for you to address, sometimes without a time-lapse or break. Often, it feels as though all your fears are converging on you simultaneously, and you have little time to re-group before being hit again.

It is a time to look closely at what you want to create in your lives, and Trust that this is a wonderful, empowering opportunity! Changes can take place quickly, and effortlessly once you let go of your fears, and take responsibility for your part in the Co-Creatorship role, it's a matter of choice. See what you want as already taking place, and look for clues the Universe is sending you, in order to make this happen with ease and grace.

Have Faith, you will not be asked to do anything you’re not capable and ready to do! Love yourself enough to know you deserve what you desire – it is your birthright!

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