Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Reality

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The world you accept as real seems to have definite qualities. Yet, none of these qualities mean anything outside your perception. The world is a reflection of the sensory apparatus that registers it.

You live in a field of infinite possibilities, and when you tap into this field, you can change anything, whether it is a manifestation of illness or disease in the body, or an unhappy, stressful situation in your lives.

You may ask, "How can we leave all our judgments, and learned limitations behind?" To honor yourselves, you must recognize the answers you seek are not "out there," but found where the state of Bliss and Divine Love reside within you.

In the silence – all answers can be found.

This information is designed to help you understand that through your awareness you create yourselves every day of your lives. When you change your reality, you change your world.

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