Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/2011 The Great Shift is a Reality, not myth.

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Dear Ones,

In the light of what is taking place with the planet Earth and in your lives at this moment, it is apparent that unprecedented changes are becoming commonplace. From the unsettling weather conditions that are affecting your home, and causing permanent environmental changes, to new wide spread outbreaks of illness and disease from unknown causes affecting your bodies, you are now being awakened to the fact that the much talked about Great Shift is a reality, not just a myth.

Many questions are being asked, “Exactly when will this take place?” “What is going to happen to the Mother Earth?” “Will we all die, or will we be saved and live life in a state of harmony and bliss with pain and death no longer a part of our experience?"

Each one of you is an important piece of this puzzle. What you want to know are merely unimportant details with no meaning - conjured up by the mind that is in fear of losing something that cannot be lost. You are eternal, and what you think you are in danger of losing never really existed.

Once the veil of forgetfulness has been fully lifted, you will all rejoice in the remembrance of a far greater reality; a state of beauty, grace and unconditional love that far exceeds anything to be experienced in this third dimensional holographic world. Death will not be an issue, for you cannot die. War, illness and pain do not exist. This is merely an illusion that appears very real to you, designed for your experience and growth.

It is now time to end the drama, the game is about to be over!

In the near future, visitors from other realms of existence will travel openly among you to assist with the many adjustments necessary to transcend this space-time continuum. Your children are already open and adjusting to the fact that life on other planets is a reality. They have been encoded to awaken to remember their beginnings, and many, when asked will tell you stories that you believe to be fairy tales or fantasies conjured up by a child’s mind. Listen to what they have to say, for they are far wiser than you think.

New waves of information will come to you in dream state, tell your mind to remember these dreams upon awakening. Lucid dreaming is an excellent way to deal with your fears. We will continue to bring messages in many forms. Stay open. Do not discount the smallest synchronicity.

Remember, when love is in your heart, fear has no place to hide. Blessings from the Creator Force. ☼

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