Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/2011 What Is Becoming of this World?

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Dear Ones,

In truth, “What is Becoming of this World” is the same thing that you are becoming……LIGHT!

For some time now we have talked about cellular and molecular changes taking place within your human form. These changes are taking place within every part, dimension, and aspect of the universe. You are becoming LIGHTBODY. You and the planet are preparing for the Ascension process. You have all heard of the Ascension process, associating it with Saints, and Masters; deserving Holy Ones having lead a saintly life or sacrificed relentlessly.

In this illusion known to you as the third dimension, you have all bravely agreed to forget the truth of who you are, and courageously plummet from your lofty perch into the drowsier energy of duality. Mankind and Mother Earth are reaching the end of a vast and long journey. It is time to go Home.

You display signs saying “Not of This World.” Little do you know how true those words are. Every one of you is a traveler from another world, galaxy, and possibly another universe who has chosen to experience Earth as a unique schoolroom, with a curriculum equal to no other. Each time you have chosen to return to the karmic wheel of life and experience another go-round, it has been for your en-lighten-ment!

That enlightenment has served you in the illusion of individuality, as part of mankind, and more accurately as Creator Sons of the Father. As the Son of God, you have created everything you have experienced in this dimension as well as many others bringing back with you wisdom and knowledge that expands the Whole. You are all One and the Same. Individuated for the vast learning potential this experience has afforded you, and now it is time to re-unite you in Oneness with the Truth of who you are!

There is no enemy, and no right or wrong outside this world of duality. All of this is coming to an end. It no longer serves you to continue these roles you have played. The Shift is taking place more quickly now, and soon you will rejoice, knowing what awaits you is the ultimate state of Grace finally realized.

We will remain with you, and for you. You have all the assistance you need to complete this journey. Be at Peace.

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