Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/2011 Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

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Dear Ones,

We come to you from many worlds and galaxies not just from your spiritual hierarchy, but many hierarchies all part of the One. Our numbers are vast, and our abilities are all needed to assist mankind in preparation for this time of completion, and the ascension of your world that awaits you. Your egos struggle to maintain the illusion of individuality; nonetheless you are continuing to shed the layers of falsehood that speak of separateness. Soon you will realize you no longer need the illusory games you have played for so long. What you have known all your lives as reality is nothing more than games created for your learning, executed by your egos to bring you full circle back into Oneness!

There is nothing in your world that you would choose to hold on to, if you could only see what awaits you once the veil of forgetfulness has been lifted. Death is the ultimate illusion, and the biggest falsehood you have been taught to believe. Illness and disease have actually been created by man to hold you captive and make you fearful of your own bodies. This is another fallacy to try and convince you of your mortality, and could not be farther from the truth. The body is the temple for the Soul; it houses your Spirit, and is a communication device, nothing more. Be respectful of it, honor it, and when you listen you will hear what it needs; it is changing, your thoughts and beliefs are changing, your emotions are strongly being affected, do not be afraid to let go, you will lose nothing, but you have everything to gain!

Your planet, as it continues to change its course will bring you to the ultimate conclusion, meant to bring all of mankind safely home. In this process there will continue to be many opportunities for growth. Some will seem pleasant and bring you happiness and joy. Others will strike terror in the hearts of those who are in fear of losing themselves forever. Let go of the “fear”; as God’s Sons, you are a part of the Creator and can never be lost!

Remember dear ones, you are all One family. Treat each other with respect and love, and you will realize a bond that has always existed. This will see you through the trying times. We have said before, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Turn inward to that quiet loving voice that wants to guide you and has always loved you. You are protected by the Creator, Whomever/Whatever you believe Him/Her/It to be, it matters not. When the fear is gone, truth and clarity will guide you and keep you safe.

We have repeated this message many times in so many ways, and now the energy of these words is resonating through your being. Embrace them. Allow yourselves to feel the vibration of these changes. They are taking place within each and every one of you, and will continue to lift you to new levels of awareness. In keeping with the sacred codes of the universe, all will be gloriously revealed soon. Our continued loyalty and support are with you. You are blessed by All that is Holy.

Transformational Dynamics

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