Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changes and Shifts, Now and Beyond 2013

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Dear Ones,

It has been some time since we have chosen to get a message to you through this channel. Not because it has been unavailable to us, but because we were most definitely occupied with the importance of keeping this planet on its new direction and maintaining life on it. 

You are in the throes of drastic change, and though the debate continues as to whether or not you have been saved from extinction, we are here to assure you that life on this planet will continue for some time to come. However, you will experience changes, and shifts in the planet as shown within weather patterns, changes in the sun and atmospheric alterations. The upheavals in your personal lives and the lives of those on every continent are altering your understanding of the future. 

This will continue as you experience changes in your brain functions, emotions, and physical bodies. Many of you have decided to return Home and assist these changes from afar. Those of you who have assisted the planet as Masters from other realms over the past few decades have grown very weary, and will be leaving the planet over a designated period of time to come, handing over the energy reins to the upcoming new generation of spirit/humans. 

Within the next ten to fifteen years the current organizational structures of the governments of the world will be replaced by new governments that are more in alignment with our Source’s grand plan. You have shown us much courage, resourcefulness and determination to survive. Your heart’s unconditional love has been empowered and broadcast far and wide in order to keep the planet and its inhabitants safe from extinction. We salute you for your valor. You have proven yourselves as powerful Co-Creators. 

There is so much to do, and life will continue to change at a rapid pace.  You will find that what was once of prime importance to you will no longer hold a charge with you.  Old friends will fall away to be replaced by new ones. Those who have always stayed in one place with begin to migrate to other areas.  Those who have had a tendency to migrate easily will settle in one place. You will notice this trend in the animals of the planet as well, including the sea creatures.  Old habitats will die to be replaced by new ones.  

Remember sending love out to the planet and each other is the glue that binds you together. Explore what is real, discard what is not.  Remain true to yourselves, and live your lives to the fullest.  We are with you and will continue to show the way. ☼   

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