Friday, August 13, 2010

Earth Changes

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It has been a pivotal few months. More and more of you are feeling the changes taking place. The planet is moving into her new position more quickly now. The weather patterns, ocean currents, creatures in the sea and air are preparing for, and showing mankind that time as you know it, is drawing to a close.

You are experiencing a new era being birthed; anxieties, physical changes in your bodies, changes in your sleep patterns, and changes in your human relationships are increasing. Many of you have been looking forward in excitement to these long anticipated changes, while others are fearful of what the future might bring.

In order for this earth’s “duality” program to no longer run, you must all recognize the roles you have played repeatedly since the beginning of time. You have been the playwrights, the actors, and even the prop coordinators on a very grand scale, for a very great play. In recognizing this you are being empowered, shown how to change everything, become fully integrated and aware of your true essence.

Scientists are finally talking about parallel universes, other dimensions, extraterrestrial life, time warps, and so much that was once thought science-fiction. You must awaken to “reality,” for this life is only an illusion. More and more you will see miracles on a daily basis, and death as a transition instead of finality.

Dear Ones, we are here to share and assist. We have many messengers, and as the messages increase in number, you will hear our voices loud and clear as we awaken you to the Truth. Know that we are always with you to show the way.

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