Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love - The Substance of Life

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Endings and new beginnings, this is what life is all about, "The Alpha and Omega." As the autumn season appears, many are surprised to find time going by so quickly, yet you wonder what have you accomplished that has made this year better for you.

Frustrations and fears run high. This is being played out at every level of your lives. There seems to be little time to do the things you want to do, your dreams of the future are appearing further away then ever. What escapes most of you is the understanding that your thoughts have tremendous energy and power. When you are feeling angry, discouraged, sad, fearful, the energy becomes dense and heavy. Those around you feel it, and it is mirrored back to you in many ways.

"Love" is the substance of life. From "Love" the Universe is born, and everything in it. There is no separation, except in your minds. This is part of the illusion of duality. Unconditional love experienced, and shared from the heart is the key to heal all; it is your true Essence.

Mankind is in the throws of transition experienced in ways that are unique to your "life contracts." You came into this life to bring together all fragmented aspects of self, to finally understand that you live simultaneously in many realities, experience many parallel lives, but focus on one as your "only" reality. Your "true" reality is being unveiled in order to bring you back into Oneness, to heal feelings of separateness from your Creator. There is no way to escape the movement of mankind into a new level of existence. The third dimension as you know it is coming to an end. It is time to raise your consciousness, and no longer be limited by the illusion you see all around you.

If you are fearful, it is manifesting as discomfort, and disharmony throughout your lives. Everything seems to be falling apart. There is no escape but to recognize "yourselves" as one universal family striving for acceptance and love of all mankind.

Change is taking place within you, and all around you, at personal, global and universal levels. Take a deep breath; find the love and peace that dwells deep inside. We are here to support you in this transition.

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