Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mother Earth Shifting Into Her Final Transition

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Dear Ones,

What would you do if you knew that everything you have been told from your beginnings on this planet, from your loved ones, friends, teachers, community, government, etc., was a falsehood perpetuated in order for you to play a vast “human” game which has no “real” foundation?

None of what you see around you is real. You are viewing holographic images of yourselves as mortals living in a form that was designed to keep you from the awareness of your limitless capabilities and your true Essence.

Now is the time for all of that to change.

The planet is in her final transition into a new direction heralded by All That Is, in correlation with your Destiny. This destiny is one of complete relinquishment of your old selves as you have known them, and the completion of the duality game you’ve played for so long.

This time is one of rejoicing in the remembering of the Greatest Truth of all. You are not of this world, each of you chose to descend into the veil of forgetfulness in order to bring Home all the information light you can muster, and to learn and grow in that light. This love and awareness expands Wisdom and Knowledge. All of you are One with God, The All That Is and ever will be.

You are in the throws of graduation from this “school room.” This course curriculum is being completed. For the next period of time, as you know time, you will come to many realizations about yourselves and those around you.

You will re-run many old patterns still needing to be healed. Face them, dear ones, and let go of old scripts, in doing so you will lighten your vibration and commence the ascension process intended.

We come to you in love and light, and will continue to assist you in this transition.

Transformational Dynamics
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