Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/2011 Transformation - Positive Change

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Dear Ones,

We come to wish you peace and to anchor Love from the Creator into your hearts. Your world is in turmoil. This is not news to you. With information reaching you from every channel conceivable, you are being bombarded constantly by various medias trying to out-do each other for attention. There isn’t any part of your planet that is not being put to the test. This is true. But rather than see this through fearful eyes, fill your hearts with the knowing that transformation is change that must take place in order for you, and Mother Earth to complete the major Shift that awaits you.

Mother Earth is making her statement. The constantly changing weather patterns are only a small sign of things to come. In reaching out to each other in compassion and love, you are helping to unite the world, and calm the fears that send messages of hopelessness, death and doom.

We are calling you to unite, dear ones! Listen with your hearts open. You will hear an entirely different message from those currently being broadcasted. To those of you being physically challenged, do not label illness, or join the huge morphic fields associated with existing labels. Remember your physical form is the temple for your Soul, and is undergoing major change as well.

Notice what you notice. Ask for assistance when needed, but do not fear. The body has its own innate wisdom. If you trust – It will take care of you. It longs to take you to the next level of transformation if you will allow it to do so.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It comes in many forms, and at times when least expected. Yet, it will come. We are always with you. Soon you will recognize our presence. You will not be asked to do this alone.

Transformational Dynamics

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